Hi, let's start off by telling you that my style is a little casual mixed with sprints of being very professional - but generally more casual.

Currently, I am involved with a startup tech company based in Washington, D.C. serving as the creative director, graphic + UI/UX designer. I do this "day" job which often turns out to be a day-night job not only because I believe in the product we are developing but also because it supports my lifestyle goals of becoming a part-time adventurer/explorer.

My speciality is in branding design and designing experiences. Educated in Landscape Architecture and Visual Arts combined with years working professionally in a branding agency --- I am very conscious about finding balance and creating enjoyable experience in this complex, fast paced, modern life.

Designing this journey so that we can discover and create beautiful and meaningful experiences along the way.

--- That's my creative process. 

kiddee charoenpanitkul